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Sorry I haven’t been posting a lot here recently. I’m not dead, I swear! I’ve just been really busy, also wrestling with depression here and there, same old song and dance.

Right now I’m working hard on what you might call a secret project, of sorts. A visual novel-related secret project! I’m not going to give it away just yet, but you’ll hear about it once it’s done/the Kickstarter goes up! Thank you all for being such great followers and happy otome gaming!

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A Merry Christmas Eve to all our sakefans! Tons of exciting news about Backstage Pass, starting with our gift to you guys - a shiny new trailer featuring the opening song by Junko Fujiyama and Mili. PLUS, the trailer also features a preview of our animated opening sequence, straight from Japan! Please look forward to animated opening and ending sequences in the final game.



In response to popular request, we’ve put Backstage Pass on Steam Greenlight. If you’ve got a Greenlight account, please vote it up and share it with your friends.



Pre-orders for Backstage Pass are now open! Anyone who pre-orders will receive a set of two Backstage Pass wallpapers, and an MP3 of the opening song “I Can’t Believe It” featured in the trailer. You’ll also get early access to the game next year before anyone else, and codes for Desura and Steam (if we make it). If you’ve got a discount code from a sakevisual contest, it will work on these (and it it doesn’t, message me with your code and I’ll make sure it does).

Backstage Pass Pre-Order - $29.99: Windows | Mac | Linux


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Welp… New otome game is out, it’s made by this small circle I’m in (Winged-Cloud), so I’ve decided to share it. And the otome game I’m making has art by the same artist sooo yep.

It’s a collaboration with the founder of idhasstuidios… He did all the written work~

More info on this link.

Ohhhh look they’ve made an FB account too

I’ll play and review this after the holidays!

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Wanted: Writer for a Visual Novel


Delia “Snow” White thinks she’s found her place in life. She’s one of the lieutenants for the Steppers, one of LA’s three most powerful gangs and she and boss Step are close like sisters. Then one day, the gang’s second-in-command, Cutter, tells her that Step’s put out an order to ice her. Since…

Hey writer-types in the audience! Are you interested in writing an otome game about gangsters in LA? Because that is the game we’re making! See post for more details and apply if interested! Reblog even if not! Thank you!

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  • Question: Hey-o. We're gonna post an ad for a new writer. Like, on the group Tumblr and Lemma Soft, I think. Thought it'd be nice having another writer since the project turned out bigger than we thought. We'll tell you about people who apply and stuff, so if you wanna help us pick that'd be cool. So, that's what's up with that if you see it. Talk to you later :D - deardustbunny
  • Answer:

    Sure, sounds good to me! I trust you guys’ judgement, but if you want to run your top applicants by me that’d be awesome. Thanks Roban!

    Speaking of which. Everyone, did you know that Snow White and the Seven Thugs is still a thing? That’s right, we’re still working on our very own gangsta otome game. There should be an official posting for a fourth writer soon, so look out for that!

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Now you can also date a motherfucking bug!


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Most of Tamao’s concept designs didn’t involve glasses.

EEEE I really love some of them. Especially the top right corner one on the first page fjdhgdjg I almost kiiiiiiind of prefer that over the official one…wait no…I like the official one…but I REALLY LIKE THAT ONE TOO. He needs to be Tamao’s twin instead.

Why is his hand always sticking out or resting on his arm/shoulder though?

I think it’s because they drew the different concepts over the same pose as a time-saving device.

Also top-right Tamao would’ve been really cute, but looks less senpai. The design they ended up going with has the most mature feel, I think.

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Dandelion: I knew you’d forget.
Hakuoki: We’ll… we’ll be together!

Nameless: Where’d you go!?

Second Reproduction (and P3P): Don’t… cry…

Girlish Love Revolution a.k.a. Love Revo a.k.a. say that to my non-virtual face you punk: Hmph. Still fat.

Rune Factory 4: Take care of everyone… I’m sorry I couldn’t say goodbye.

TMGS2: The me you thought was real was a lie too.

TMGS3: Sayonara, Juliet.

Hatoful Boyfriend: I kept my promise, Ryuuji.

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